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A space to share ideas

a place to develop and grow

a supportive community

right in the heart of Chester

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CHIC provides

Flexible desk space

meeting rooms

seminar/training space

support services

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CHIC has

24/7 access

no hidden fees

no lengthy contracts

all-inclusive prices

Collaborative Ideation

CHIC aims to provide a safe space for small businesses to share ideas and help each other realise their growth potential

Space when You need it

With flexible options from 15 minutes to 40 hours per week; there’s a desk for you at CHIC.

Community Focus

CHIC will host a number of regular events for it’s community members from advice and support to workshops and training.

what we’re up to…

Latest Blog Post

Working at CHIC: 1 Week in

Having a Proper Desk

It’s been some time since I had a ‘proper desk’ to work from. Since the 31st October 2013 to be precise; the day I left a regular job to follow a new career of self employment with various interests such as my passion for photography.

For the best part of the last fiveteen months usual places of work have tended to be at the dining room table, in a cafe or even sat on the sofa. As convenient as those options were, they were far from ideal for me. And throw into that mix two little ones who don’t understand when dad is or isn’t working. It really can’t be easy for them when they want to play or have my attention when I’m trying to work. It’s heartbreaking to have to reject them and it’s not easy for my wife who has to disappoint my kids by telling them I’m out of bounds, or parts of their home are out of bounds which doesn’t seem fair.

I personally find working from home is riddled with too many compromises. Compromises that were starting to have a real effect on my mental health as I was rarely accomplishing what I would set out to do on a given day. That became frustrating very quickly and I even started to doubt my own competence in doing work. The stresses and strains on my family were becoming apparent also. Working from home seemed a straightforward thing to be able to do, but the reality of it was very different. Clearly something had to give.

It’s for these reasons I have been very much looking forward to the opening of CHIC: Coworking Hub in Chester. So what has it been like I hear you ask?

The Banter

Let’s take today for example. Working alongside me has been David Atkinson, a freelance journalist and copywriter, another chap called Sam Howarth who runs Eco Bike Ads, Rana Baroud who works for independent research agency, Chrysalis Research. She primarily works from home and Chrysalis Research are willing to contribute to the cost her desk space at CHIC. Last but by no means least, another office worker using CHIC today has been Graham Ross who specialises in dispute resolution. The office banter has certainly been there today and it’s one of those things you really do miss and arguably take for granted. It just makes you feel human again.

So an interesting mix of people for sure today and that is certainly one of the reasons which makes the CHIC office environment a great place to work as you meet a diverse range of backgrounds. People you may indeed one day collaborate together on a project.

The Commute

Another aspect of coming to work at CHIC is the commute. I live in Upton so it’s a 25 min walk I’m happy to do. I listen to some music and get in the right frame of mind to work. Equally helpful is the walk back home. There’s something quite cathartic in coming home and having the sensation that work is being left outside. When I worked from home I never truly felt away from it. Work was in a sense always poking out from behind a curtain or under a table. Out of sight but not quite out of mind. That’s not the case now and I genuinely feel more relaxed at home and my family are better off by it now being very clear in terms of when I’m at work and when I’m home.

It’s made a real difference to me and it can for you too!

Bob Hadfield.